Ornamental Stones

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Afonstone offers an extensive variety of rock paving, decorative pieces, among other applications. To the full extent of Serra de Aire and Candeeiros there is a richness in rock blocks, whose diversity is shown below. Through various quarries of exploitation, Afonstone holds an experience of 20 years that enables them to provide a quality product, all over the world.


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The Portuguese pavement is one of the coverings with higher artistic profile worldwide. Allows printing of numerous applications and paving solutions in interior and exterior, especially in public spaces.


The sidewalk cubes are irregularly shaped, usually sourced from limestone,                  and are used to form decorative patterns through the contrast between the different colors of the cubes.


The Portuguese pavement, with origins in the nineteenth century, is still widely used in almost all major cities of the world, being stepped and admired by millions of people. Its technical and artistic quality is a global reference of the identity of Portugal.


Thus, Afonstone has a quarry to extract and produce pavement cubes. Contact us and request a budget.


Thick Pavement | Average Pavement | Small Pavement
Black Pavement


Rustic and Natural Stones

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The capabilities of these stones allow good architectural solutions, meeting the market and aesthetic trends. Thus, Afonstone presents some solutions in Rustic and Natural Stones for floors, walls, interiors, exteriors, gardens and the like. In addition to the stones presented here, we have other varieties, with prices and dimensions available upon request.

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Extraction, Processing and Marketing of Ornamental Stones

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